SPECIAL EQUIPMENTTUNLIFTMobile unit designed to meet the need to carry out overhead maintenance with dynamic operations in general and maintenance in tunnels.
Aerial platform with pantograph mechanism mounted on a truck, minimum 7 ton GVW, which reaches a height of 7 m with an outstanding load capacity of 500 kg (3 people + 260 kg of material) on a platform that reaches a width of 3000 mm and a fixed length of 4700 mm.
Equipped with a great number of standard features, manufactured with high quality material, great attention to details and finishes.


Max. working height 7,0 m
Platform lateral extension 1.0 m dx +1.0 m sx
Load capacity 500 kg
(3 operators + 260 kg tools)
Platform dimensions 2180/3000x 3700 mm
Controls Electro-hydraulic
Stabilization 4 outriggers with vertical descent



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